Rely on Us for Pet Boarding in Saratoga Springs, NY

Rest Assured Your Dog Is Safe and Sound

Need someone to watch your dog while you're out of town? Saratoga Pet Resort offers dependable pet boarding. We'll take care of your dog while you're away and give them plenty of playtime. And of course, we'll also feed, administer medications and let your dog outside minimally four times a day. For $20 additional a day, your dog can play in doggy daycare if it passes our sociability test. They're sure to have a great time with us.

A standard suite (4ft by 8ft) costs $52 per day, siblings get a 20% discount. A luxury suite (8ft by 8ft) is $68.52 per day, siblings get a 20% discount.

We can administer medication to dogs. If you have a diabetic dog, we ask that you pre-load their syringes. We will board dogs in heat for $100. We prefer not to board menstruating dogs.

Reach out to us in Saratoga Springs, NY today to go over the pet boarding services we provide.

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Our dog boarding services can save you a lot of stress. You don't have to frantically browse sites online to find a pet sitter. We offer affordable and reliable pet boarding. We have over 40 kennels. They fill up fast, so be sure to book early.

Call now to discuss the dog boarding available in Saratoga Springs, NY.